Paul J. FitzgeraldOctober 06, 2008
Richard P. McBrien's 'The Church,' reviewed
Paul J. FitzgeraldMay 17, 2004
Freed nearly a decade and a half ago from its dividing and restraining wall, Berlin has largely succeeded in moving beyond the siege mentality of the cold war period. It has become once again not only the political capital of Germany but a cultural center of gravity for Europe as well, especially in
Paul J. FitzgeraldFebruary 02, 2004
The principal question this book addresses is hardly ever voiced in these words What do I have to believe in order to be Catholic Rather Catholics from all walks of life wonder about and struggle with the normativity of ecclesial doctrine by asking themselves and each other such questions as l
Paul J. FitzgeraldApril 01, 2002
Sin is the hardest thing in the world to explain but the easiest thing to demonstrate When we pray Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us we only rarely sense the mystery within these words the enormity of the suffering that sin engenders and the possibility of he
Paul J. FitzgeraldFebruary 26, 2001
Following up on his well-received first book Eyes on Jesus Michael Kennedy a Jesuit priest presents the prayerful reader with another set of poetic Ignatian meditations These Gospel dramas rsquo speak to the heart and engage the mind by kindling the imagination and inflaming the affect The pa
Paul J. FitzgeraldApril 22, 2000
Isaias crossed the small parking lot next to the church and approached the rectory. On an open door was written, "Proyecto Guadalupano: a Program of the Proyecto Pastoral at Dolores Mission." In the small office, he sat down opposite Arturo López, the program director, and began to tell h
Paul J. FitzgeraldJanuary 29, 2000
Sixteen years after the well received first edition of this book appeared Thomas F O rsquo Meara O P the William K Warren Professor of Theology at the University of Notre Dame has updated his analysis of the source character and locus of ministry in the church Part systematic theology par