Faith in Focus
James J. DiGiacomoDecember 15, 2008
Third in a series for Advent and Christmas
Faith in Focus
James J. DiGiacomoDecember 08, 2008
The second in a series for Advent and Christmas
Faith in Focus
James J. DiGiacomoDecember 01, 2008
The first in a series for Advent
James J. DiGiacomoMay 26, 2008
At a time when baseball fans are dealing with disappointment and disillusionment in the face of the steroid scandals 11 star players from the 1950s and 1960s find a voice in Fay Vincent rsquo s latest venture into oral history Listening to them tell in their own words what it was like to play in
The Good Word
James J. DiGiacomoAugust 23, 2007
In today s gospel someone asks Jesus the question that we have all wondered about Will few or many be saved Jesus doesn t answer directly He says Try to squeeze through a narrow door He doesn t say how many will make it but he says clearly that some will not In the first reading f
The Good Word
James J. DiGiacomoJuly 19, 2007
Gen 18 1-10a Col 24-28 Luke 10 38-42 Mary spends time listening to Jesus because he opens up a whole world to her Paul calls it the mystery hidden from ages and generations past but now revealed to his holy ones Many people are totally closed off from this mystery it is a world they find t
James J. DiGiacomoMay 21, 2007

Most Catholics love to argue. Once you get past the Apostles’ Creed, there are very few things all will agree on. One is that they want to hear good homilies. Unfortunately, Catholics are often disappointed. Here, then, are a few suggestions for preachers, to help them feed the flock of Christ

Arts & Culture Books
James J. DiGiacomoApril 03, 2006
For most people spring means warm weather the return of birds and the flowering of nature For serious baseball fans it means spring training the anticipation of a new season and time to read a book about the game A good choice would be former baseball Commissioner Fay Vincent rsquo s opening v
James J. DiGiacomoMay 30, 2005
From 2005, a popular article about faith and the intellect by the late James J. DiGiacomo, S.J.