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JesuiticalJanuary 28, 2022
St. Irenaeus of Lyon (Wikicommons)

And just like that, with a papal decree last week, St. Irenaeus of Lyon became the 37th “doctor of the church.” Who was Irenaeus? What was the church like when he lived, sometime during the second century? And how did he interpret and defend Scripture and Christian theology in a time before the Bible as we know it and the Creed even existed? To find out, we brought on Scott Moringiello, an associate professor in the Catholic studies department at DePaul University and an expert on Irenaeus and the history of biblical exegesis. We also get into what it’s like to teach undergraduates theology, often against their will.

During Signs of the Times, we discuss the report on sex abuse in the Archdiocese of Munich, where Pope Emeritus Benedict served as bishop for four years, and Gonzaga University’s decision to revoke alumnus John Stockton’s basketball seasons tickets. Finally, we discuss the role of literature in our faith lives.

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Bourbon (for some French influence to honor Irenaeus)

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