James T. Keane November 08, 2019
While Prohibition’s popularity would wane by the end of the decade because of its unintended consequences, at the time of its ratification and implementation, it enjoyed a fair amount of popular support. Except in the pages of America.
Catholic News Service November 07, 2019
Demolition of the already damaged wall began officially in June 1990 and was completed in November 1991.
Michael Vaccari November 06, 2019
Edith Hall’s new book on Aristotle rewards the reader by offering gems from Aristotle’s thought. She puts together complicated concepts and writings in a form where readers can easily identify subjects that are critical to an individual’s opportunity to find happiness.
Elizabeth Klein October 28, 2019
James K. A. Smith's new book seems to have been written largely with disaffected evangelicals in mind, those who have “been there, done that and left the stupid Christian T-Shirt at home.”
José Dueño October 25, 2019
Identity is at the heart of much of today’s political conflicts. In his latest book, Fukuyama traces a brief history of how identity came to occupy such a center.
George Grantham Bain collection, Library of Congress
Terry Golway October 17, 2019
Running for president in 1928, Al Smith argued it was possible to be both a good Catholic and a faithful servant of the American people, writes Terry Golway. Even in losing, he changed U.S. history.