FaithOf Many Things
Matt Malone, S.J.
Answers to America's Jeopardy 2021!
FaithOf Many Things
Matt Malone, S.J.
Welcome back to “America Jeopardy!”, our annual beach-reading homage to the popular game show and everybody’s favorite Catholic magazine.
Benito Mussolini waves to the crowds in Rome in the 1930s (photo: Shawshots/Alamy).
Arts & CultureIdeas
Christopher Sandford
Fascism has proved sufficiently elastic to be used as a term of abuse across the political spectrum.
Arts & CultureCatholic Book Club
Kevin Spinale
Parsing the pros and cons of 'A Canticle for Leibowitz,' the latest selection of the Catholic Book Club.
FaithNews Analysis
Austen Ivereigh
While the optics of Boris Johnson's marriage in a Catholic church this weekend suggest a double standard, in fact the church seems to be treating him the same it would any divorced Catholic seeking to remarry.
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Michael E. Engh
A Jesuit and an Italian, Giovanni Grassi, S.J., undertook a project to explain the United States to other Italians in 1818.