A Baptist preacher had never before been invited to speak at a Catholic institution.
Blake Smith February 22, 2018
Two of medieval Europe’s most popular saints, Barlaam and Josaphat, were in fact Christianized versions of the Buddha.
More than anyone else, Graham built evangelicalism into a force that rivaled liberal Protestantism and Roman Catholicism in the U.S.
Border policemen stand next to the sign at the Berlin Wall and Brandenburg Gate in Berlin June 17, 1986. The sign says: "Achtung! Sie verlassen jetzt West-Berlin" (Attention, you are leaving West Berlin). (CNS photo/Wolfgang Kumm, EPA)
Antonio De Loera-Brust February 07, 2018
From now on, Berlin will live with the memory of the wall for longer than it lived with the wall itself.
Roslyn Ruff and Jimonn Cole in ‘X: Or, Betty Shabazz v. The Nation’ (photo: T. Charles Erickson)
Rob Weinert-Kendt January 26, 2018
But was the civil rights leader Brutus or Caesar?
Terrance Klein January 24, 2018
Medieval anti-clerical prophecy sounded a lot like modern social media.