Kevin Spinale December 04, 2020
Peter Manseau, the curator of American religious history at the Smithsonian, offers his definitive description of Thomas Jefferson's eclectic efforts to remake the Bible in the Catholic Book Club's latest selection.
Margaret Swedish December 02, 2020
The four churchwomen chose to stay and to suffer, as St. Romero had once said, “the same fate as the poor.”
Michael E. Engh November 19, 2020
A longtime historian of Los Angeles explores and deconstructs the mythical city of boosters, developers and "perpetual reinvention."
Christopher Sandford November 19, 2020
'The root of Spiritism...is the diseased moral condition of the age,' one Catholic author wrote.
Aaron Pidel November 18, 2020
Does canceling the sacraments show a lack of faith? Jesuits in the 16th century didn’t think so.
There is nothing unprecedented in recent decades about close presidential elections—in fact, they’re almost always close these days—and there is also nothing new in a delay in finding out the winner.