The second of Rome’s station churches is dedicated to a soldier-saint, George of Lydda. Soldier-martyrs seem to have left a particular mark on the memory of Roman Christians.
Catholic News Service March 11, 2019
I want them to know that God plays an important part in their lives; and sometimes in my prayer with them, I say, “God loves every one of us, and each one out on that court is your brother; so no matter who it is, we are all creatures of God.
Ciaran Freeman March 01, 2019
I sat down with the artist, Carlos Vega, at the Jack Shainman Gallery, to talk about his new exhibition "Correspondences" and find out why he paints the saints.
Terrance Klein February 27, 2019
To live in the real, to reject illusion is to set our face toward growth and toward God.
Terrance Klein February 20, 2019
You might ask, “Shouldn’t we all pretend to be Jesus?” We should, but that does not seem to have gotten most of us all that far. Perhaps a humbler role is a better beginning.
Peter J. Vaghi February 19, 2019
In times like these, the “virtuous speech” counseled by St. Francis de Sales in his The Devout Life is downright countercultural