Jason M. Baxter November 27, 2020
St. Francis’ poverty was not cold and brutal but actually, in a way, worldly. It was a poverty that anyone today searching for what is real and authentic might relate to.
Matheus Vianna and Gabriel Terron pose before a relic of Carlo Acutis in 2015. Photo courtesy of St. Sebastian's church in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil.
Filipe Domingues November 20, 2020
Informally called “patron of the internet” for having published stories of Eucharistic miracles online, Blessed Carlo Acutis is now admired by thousands of Brazilians, young and old.
Sonja Livingston November 19, 2020
Hildegard von Bingen’s five ingredients for an abundant life.
Joe Drape November 19, 2020
A Korean War hero, the Rev. Emil Kapaun is now a candidate for sainthood, but the process is long and complicated.
Stephen P. White November 19, 2020
Instead of looking past the failings of Pope John Paul II, we should look squarely at them.
Thomas J. Reese November 19, 2020
It’s not just popes: The church needs more time to examine any person’s life.