Joseph McAuley March 14, 2020
A new look at one of Catholicism's most popular saints.
David C. Paternostro, S.J. January 22, 2020
The process of leaving the church is not so different from the process of joining it.
A bronze statue of Joan of Arc in the public space outside Reims Cathedral in France. (iStock/lucentius)
Mark Alpert January 16, 2020
The far-right nationalists who have used Joan of Arc as a symbol are missing her significance, writes the author of the novel “Saint Joan of New York.”
Joshua Hren January 02, 2020
Regardless of where one stands on the death penalty, however, all Catholics must not lose sight of the souls on death row who await the judgment that state-enforced terminations will quicken.
Patrick Cunningham December 27, 2019
A crow, legend tells us, took the poisoned loaf the jealous subdeacon had sent to Benedict
Before declaring that a person lived a holy life and is with God in heaven, the pope said, intense investigation is necessary.