America VideoOctober 22, 2019
The Amazon Synod: Indigenous Leaders Speak Out | Developing Story

During the second week of the Amazon Synod, indigenous leaders gave moving testimonies of their experiences in the Amazon. The synod continues to discuss the best way to provide sacramental and pastoral ministry to the area, including ordaining mature married men and ordaining women as deacons.

Fr. Luke Hansen, SJ, takes us inside the Amazon Synod with these topics and more.

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With the election of a pro-choice Catholic to the White House, the question of who may or may not be admitted to Holy Communion has surfaced in Catholic public discourse, particularly among the U.S. bishops.

America VideoJune 21, 2021

How is the Holy Spirit alive in the world today? We asked six senior Jesuits to reflect on their experiences of the Holy Spirit and where they see the activity of the Spirit in the church and the world.

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America VideoMay 24, 2021

With a growing shortage of priests, some Catholic parishes are thinking creatively about alternative models of pastoral ministry. Meet Elizabeth Simcoe, a lay woman appointed by her bishop to run St. Vincent de Paul parish in Albany, NY.

America VideoMarch 01, 2021