Cardinal Donald W. Wuerl said the concept of race is not a biological reality, but a social construct.
Catholic News Service April 19, 2018
A clampdown on religious freedom has intensified in the province in recent months.
Immigrants just released from detention via a U.S. immigration policy known as "catch and release" stand at a bus station April 11 before being taken to the Catholic Charities relief center in McAllen, Texas. (CNS photo/Loren Elliott, Reuters)
J.D. Long-García April 19, 2018
The Legal Orientation Program, which President George W. Bush put into place in 2003, helps detained immigrants know their rights and legal options.
A prophetic pro-life stance "has no limits," while an "ideological approach" zeroes in on particulars.
The father asked for "asylum" in Italy so his seriously ill son may receive care and "not be euthanized" in England.
A popular proposed law could land Jewish and Muslim parents in prison for up to six years for circumcising their infant boys.