My (second hand) experience of cystic fibrosis

Anna and Libby as friendsThe author (left) with childhood friend, Libby.

Our June 6 guest is Anna Keating, the co-author of The Catholic Catalogue: A Field Guide to the Daily Acts That Make Up a Catholic Life (Penguin Random House). We discuss her recent article, “My friend’s diagnosis of cystic fibrosis has powerfully influenced her life—and mine.

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John Nevins
4 days 2 hours ago

In this episode,when the conversation expanded into the general realm of disabilities and families /caregivers of disabilities the isolation and risk of hopelessness was brought up.While admitting there is often overwhelming stress for families with disabled members -one of the panelists stated that "there must be communities they can find out there."
While true ;there are supports "out there," it struck me that there are few if any parish based outreach efforts for disabled people and their families.Whether intellectually/developmentally disabled or afflicted with acquired disability , local outreach and assistance could mean a world of light for people who otherwise are leading stress filled lives of quiet desperation. Perhaps the parish community could provide a basis of support to these vulnerable members and assist in securing the specific external disability community networking.There are a lot of gaps that need filling.


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