The Examen with Father James Martin, S.J.: The Third Week of Easter



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Easter, as one of my Jesuit friends always reminds me, is not just a day but a whole liturgical season. This makes sense, of course. The Easter event, that is, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, is simply too big a truth to be celebrated in just one day. Notice I didn’t say a truth to be “understood,” I said “celebrated.” Because, in the end, the Resurrection is a mystery, something to be pondered—not to be figured out. But besides pondering the mystery of the Resurrection in our prayer, we can also see signs of it in our lives. Places that seemed dead suddenly come alive. Relationships that had been frozen over thaw, and then warm. Parts of ourselves that seem impossible for God to change suddenly turn around, and we find ourselves growing. So perhaps one invitation this week is to look for signs of the Resurrection within you. Were do you see the mystery of new life in your daily life?


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