James Martin, S.J. March 25, 2019
Jesus asks us to be generous with the poor. It’s one of the foundations of his public ministry: caring for the poor himself and asking his disciples to do so.
James Martin, S.J. March 15, 2019
Fasting does a number of things for us. First, it’s often healthy. Second, it reminds us that we have some control over our bodies. But it’s the third reason that is often lost on people: to save money so that we can give to the poor.
James Martin, S.J. March 11, 2019
It’s always good to try new ways of prayer. It might change your relationship with God, which is not a bad thing at all for Lent.
James Martin, S.J. March 01, 2019
Instead of giving up something for lent, how about doing something positive? How about this: Be kind.
James Martin, S.J. February 26, 2019
Where do you experience joy in your life? Where does God bring you joy and where do you bring others joy?
James Martin, S.J. February 17, 2019
Thinking about the hierarchy these days, in light of the sex abuse crisis, can be difficult.