James Martin, S.J. July 15, 2019
To find out about retreats you might start by looking up a nearby Jesuit retreat house on Jesuits.org.
James Martin, S.J. July 07, 2019
If you’ve been praying for any length of time, you might have heard about the practice of spiritual direction. So you might wonder: What is it? And is it for me?
James Martin, S.J. June 28, 2019
God meets people where they are. For some people, God meets them through relationships, with others through books; with others through nature. Maybe this week you can look around to see the very personal and unique ways that God encounters you and invites you to believe.
James Martin, S.J. June 21, 2019
The Sacred Heart is an invitation to ask ourselves, “How did Jesus love?
James Martin, S.J. June 14, 2019
The great scholar just couldn’t get his mind around this great mystery.
James Martin, S.J. June 07, 2019
As Jesus passed through the beautiful landscape of Galilee, how could he not have enjoyed the flowers and the trees, and seen the Father’s hand in nature?