James Martin, S.J. October 15, 2018
The Gospel of Luke is often called The Gospel of Prayer, because of all the many times it portrays Jesus at prayer. Take that as your text, and inspiration, for this week. 
James Martin, S.J. October 08, 2018
Part of the spiritual life is being okay with a few days, weeks, or even months of dry times in prayer.
James Martin, S.J. October 01, 2018
When it comes to prayer, just because you can’t explain it doesn’t mean that it’s not real.
James Martin, S.J. September 24, 2018
God sometimes offers you an image in prayer when you most need it.
James Martin, S.J. September 17, 2018
The experience of intuiting words or phrases that seem to come from God doesn’t happen often, but when it does it’s memorable.