Gaudete et Exsultate: Top 5 Takeaways from Pope Francis’ New Apostolic Exhortation

Gaudete et Exsultate: Top 5 Takeaways from Pope Francis’ New Apostolic Exhortation

Pope Francis released a new apostolic exhortation today: “Gaudete et Exsultate.” Here are Fr. James Martin, S.J.’s top five takeaways from this new document.

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John Chuchman
1 year 7 months ago

You missed so much:
All are called to holiness
each in his or her own way.


It is important that
each one discern his or her
own path,
that they bring out the very best of themselves.

St John of the Cross
preferred to avoid hard and fast rules
for all.

We are all called to be holy
by living our lives in love.

Do not abandon the path of love.

can be accepted
and integrated into our life
and become part of our path
to holiness.

Every moment
can be an expression
of self-sacrificing love.

When somebody
has an answer for every question,
it is a sign
they are not on the right road.

is mysteriously present
in the life
of every person.

There legitimately coexist
different ways
of interpreting many aspects
of Church doctrine.

is not a closed system
devoid of the dynamic capacity
to pose questions,
doubts, inquiries.

Theology and Holiness
are inseparable.

We need to acknowledge
that our life
is essentially
a gift
Freedom a grace.

The life of the Church
can become a museum piece
or a possession of a select few.
This can occur
when Christians give excessive importance
to rules, customs, or ways of acting.

Love is the fulfillment of the law.

In welcoming the stranger,
we welcome Jesus.

The ultimate criterion
on which our lives will be judged
is what we have done for others.

Nothing can destroy
the supernatural Joy
that adapts and changes.

Do not deprive yourself
of a happy day.

Holiness is boldness
to leave a mark on this world,
boldness, enthusiasm,
the freedom to speak out.

God is eternal newness,
impelling us constantly
to set out anew,
beyond what is familiar,
to the fringes,
and beyond.

Complacency is seductive,
telling us
there is no point in trying to change things,
that there is nothing we can do
because this is the way things have always been.

Let us rethink
our usual ways of doing things,
so as not to be complacent
about things as they are.

Stop trying to make our Christian life
a museum of memories.

Along the journey,
the cultivation of all that is good,
progress in the spiritual life
and growth in love
are the best counterbalance to evil.

Those who remain neutral
will never hold out.

seeks a glimpse
of the unique and mysterious plan
God has for each of us.

Prayerful Discernment
must be born of a readiness to Listen,
to God and to others,
to reality itself
which always challenges us
in new ways.

It is not a matter of
applying rules
or repeating what was done in the past.
The discernment of spirits
liberated us from rigidity.

Happiness is a paradox.

No areas in life
can be off limits.

Let us encourage one another.

Ysais Martinez
1 year 7 months ago

I find it impressive that Fr Martin made the Holy Father's vague statements about being mean online one of the main take aways. Controversy about the pope and silly commentary about this papacy is more American than an apple pie. In fact, I have not heard one single thing outside of North America and microscopic circles in Europe about how the pope is this, the pope is that. I HIGHLY doubt the pope was thinking about the American "twittersphere" when "he wrote" the exhortation. And if that were the case, wow, America is SO exceptional again! (insert emoji bringing the palm of hand to my face).


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