Some Jewish groups and historians have said Pius, who was pope from 1939-1958, stayed silent during the Holocaust and didn't do enough to save lives.
Three former students at a school for the deaf in Argentina traveled to Rome to demand Pope Francis and Vatican officials release records on priests who abused them and other students.
Mauricio López Oropeza February 19, 2020
The Amazon synod wrought three significant changes in the Catholic Church's way of proceeding.
The case is significant because it calls into question the effectiveness of the Vatican reform since the alleged crimes occurred at the end of the Holy See’s four-year effort to turn the Legion around.
To date, Vatican prosecutors haven't charged anyone. The pace and gaps in the case suggested the investigation partly involved a turf war in the Vatican.
The colorful and detailed tapestries depict the lives of Sts. Peter and Paul and events from the Acts of the Apostles.