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Bev Ceccanti
2 weeks 2 days ago

What exactly is the mission of America Media?? It's obvious, from the few weeks I've been reading, this site is overwhelmingly influenced by today's Democrats, who are pretty much owned by Naral and Planned Parenthood. I've never seen one article regarding the millions of human beings being savagely attacked in the womb daily. The situation showcases the insincerity of the editors and calls into question the credibility of Jesuits everywhere. I'm sickened by the persistent scandal this site seems to regularly bring upon the Church. and feel compelled to write for that reason . Asylum seeker articles , relatively trite women's complaints, and preaching about lesser social ills abound repeticiously, but nothing on abortion... This political bent clouds objectivity and destroys credibility in all matters addressed by the editors. I'm heartbroken about the existence of this site.

Matthew Malone
2 weeks 2 days ago

Dear Ms. Ceccanti:

Thank you for reading. Here is a link to the hundreds of articles we have published about that topic in just the last five years, including several in the last few months, as well as our many editorials, columns, videos and podcasts supporting the pro-life movement. 


Bev Ceccanti
2 weeks 1 day ago

This is 2nd reply to Matt Malone which is a continuation of the first, which may not be in correct position: I perused a few more articles at the web site you directed me to. all of which are straight news articles, ie the who, what , when. where type, from Catholic News Service, an American News Agency whose mission it is to report on groups, people and happenings in the Roman Catholic Church without editorial bias or value judgement, similar to Associated Press reports and dissimilar to the editorialized offerings on this site which feature, favor, and are slavishly sympathetic to nothing but pro left opinions , many of which strain, if not puncture, the limits of Catholicism, without so much as a caveat.

Bev Ceccanti
2 weeks 2 days ago

The following is a reply to Matt Malone who commented on my post:..........I followed the link. So far I've read 3 articles. All are lacking in focus,analysis and guidance.......and all are devoid of commentary, unlike that which appears in the articles on subjects favored by your community.. To cite these as evidence of attention to this issue seems disingenuous to me so far. For example , In ***** "Your Catholic 2018 midterm roundup: health care, wages, abortion and more"*****', abortion is a statistic,among several others mentioned, without commentary, as the title implies.. It doesn't qualify as an article about abortion. ****** "My friend suffered silently for years. I didn’t know the depth of her pain until it was too late "***** is focused on a friendship and the sad story of a woman who took her own life years after an abortion. In the long article describing the friendship and hurt experienced by both women, the fate of the unborn child was given a small cameo, again without commentary, and as a literary vehicle to the real story. The***** "CDC report shows continued decline in U.S. abortion rate"******* really takes the cake, It's difficult to believe the editors don't realize the now prolific use abortifacients cause millions of abortions to go unreported. In addition , health care providers, including pharmacists and taxpayers, in many instances, are being forced to participate in this new American tradition. Do I need to argue the Church says life begins at conception? How about the scientific fact DNA begins at conception and has been accepted in the courts for years. How do these kinds of critical omissions get past so many Catholic intellectuals....., so many so called, 'men and women of God'?.........(.I will read and comment on more of the articles you directed me to later..no time left for now).

Bev Ceccanti
1 week 4 days ago

I continue to search for an editorial featuring the horror of millions of our most vulnerable, our children, being massacred in the womb as America Magazine writes and sips high tea. There are rivers of narcissistic tears being shed for the homosexual/LGBT community and groups previously noted..but a cold, conspicuous silence chills on the balance. One telling editorial features an attempt to justify America Magazine's public retraction of the Kavanaugh endorsement at a time when he, his family, and friends of the unborn so desperately needed support. The editorial is a sick rationale for America's offering to the radical feminist community and their unholy allies. Where is St. Ignatius Loyola ? Methinks the emperors have no clothes.


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