Nicholas D. Sawicki
A priest from Buffalo, now a candidate for canonization, Father Baker spent 60 years caring for the orphaned, poor, sick and migrants.
Jesse Bogman - Associated Press
The Most Rev. Edward K. Braxton, one of the few African American bishops in the Roman Catholic Church, rarely talks to the press. He recently agreed to visit at length with the Post-Dispatch. The topic was his new book, “The Church and the Racial Divide.”
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Cecilia González-Andrieu
My childhood in Cuba made me prize critical thought. It also made me aware that extremism for the sake of power results in the erosion of truth and agency.
Joe Hoover, S.J.Molly Cahill
In an effort to foster a prayerful community in celebration together, America has compiled a list of events that will be updated as the year goes on.
Charles C. Camosy
Nearly all theologians now agree that the biblical dominion God has given human beings over creation is not a license to use and dominate, but rather a command to be caretakers and stewards. 
Peter Feuerherd
Renewed interest in the prayer developed in the fall of 2018 in the wake of concerns about church unity and new revelations of the sexual abuse of children by clergy.