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Aleja Hertzler-McCain - Religion News Service
U.S. Catholics are more polarized than ever in how they view Pope Francis, even though majorities on both ends of the political spectrum have a positive view of the pope, according to a new survey.
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Carol Glatz - Catholic News Service
Pope Francis: “Let us respect women. Let us respect their dignity, their basic rights. And if we don’t, our society will not progress.”
America Staff
To celebrate International Women’s Day, the staff at America has assembled a list highlighting of some Catholic charities working to better the lives of women and girls across the globe.
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Caroline De Sury — OSV News
The bishops cried out that “of all European countries, France is the only one where the number of abortions is not decreasing and has even increased over the last two years,” and that France “would have honored itself by instead promoting the rights of women and children.”
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Adelle Banks - Religion News Service
The new recording of “How Great Thou Art” features a new verse, a different beat and a chance to provide humanitarian aid to Ukrainians and other Eastern Europeans in the midst of war.
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Cindy Wooden - Catholic News Service
After participating in a seminar on the Catholic Church and the Freemasons, an Italian bishop reaffirmed that Catholics who belong to Masonic lodges are in a “serious state of sin” and cannot receive Communion.