Couldn’t it be apple juice instead of wine? Isn’t it the principle that matters? It could, of course, but then we would lose everything.
Edward J. Mattimoe April 15, 2019
It may be news to some that there was a Jesuit on board and that he got off the ship at the last possible stop before its end. Some Jesuit-observers may comment: “Isn’t that typical?”
No place in the world has such a talent for rebuilding what once seemed lost as Rome.
J.D. Long-García April 04, 2019
“For Jesus, it wasn’t about taking the right stand on issues. It was about standing in the right place.”
I suppose there is a line of thought in Christianity that would equate the cheap and mean with holiness, but somehow Catholicism has always found room for both Michelangelo and Mother Teresa.
America This Week April 03, 2019
This week's guest is Thomas More Garrett.