Matt Malone, S.J. December 01, 2020
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Ricardo da Silva, S.J. November 20, 2020
For Black, brown and poor students in-person schooling is an essential service.
Newly arrived migrants are transferred by Spanish police to a temporary location after arriving at the coast of Gran Canaria island, Spain, on Nov. 1. Crossing the Atlantic Ocean sailing on a wooden boat, a group of 44 migrants had arrived at Maspalomas beach. (AP Photo/Javier Bauluz)
Bridget Ryder November 18, 2020
So far this year, over 16,760 migrants have survived clandestine voyages from Africa’s west coast to Spain’s Canary Islands, more than 5,500 arriving over just the last two weeks.
Aaron Pidel November 18, 2020
Does canceling the sacraments show a lack of faith? Jesuits in the 16th century didn’t think so.
America Video November 06, 2020
“The next president needs to govern for the entire country.”
Molly Cahill October 26, 2020
The water was found in the Clavius Crater. So who was Christopher Clavius, S.J., and why is there a crater on the moon named after him?