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Arts & CultureArt
Christopher Parker
Johannes Vermeer’s renowned use of light may have been more than just an artistic statement; it seems likely it was a spiritual one, as well.
FaithFaith and Reason
Stuart W. Swetland
How can we help a new generation reconcile faith with reason? A new collection of the writings of the Jesuit physicist Richard J. Pendergast is a good start.
a group of jesuits in seminary pose in a 1921 photo
FaithFaith in Focus
Dawn Eden Goldstein
How the spiritual sponsor of A.A.’s Bill W. began his ministry
Three men put metal sheets on the roof of a shed
Politics & SocietyGoodNews
Christopher Parker
Since 2019, Ignacio House has housed 15 “resident scholars” who study at N.Y. colleges and universities at a site in the Bronx.
Politics & SocietyShort Take
Cheryl Moore-ThomasJennifer Abe
Jesuit colleges and universities can and must embrace anti-racism efforts by drawing from our mission.
Inside the Vatican
"It is really important for [religious orders] to set the story straight immediately and to reveal all the known facts in a case."