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It will be the first abortion-related case heard by the court with Neil Gorsuch on the bench.
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Catholic News ServiceNovember 03, 2017
The Justice Department said it was about to appeal a lower court decision allowing the teen to have an abortion when it realized she had already had the procedure earlier that day.
A woman prays during a pro-life demonstration outside the Planned Parenthood-Margaret Sanger Health Center in New York City Feb. 11. (CNS photo/Andrew Kelly, Reuters)
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Catholic News ServiceOctober 27, 2017

WASHINGTON (CNS) -- The head of the Susan B. Anthony List said the pro-life organization "was deeply saddened to learn that Jane Doe's child has been aborted," referring to an immigrant teen from Central America in federal detention in Brownsville, Texas.

Activists with Planned Parenthood demonstrate in support of a pregnant 17-year-old being held in a Texas facility for unaccompanied immigrant children to obtain an abortion, outside of the Department of Health and Human Services in Washington, Friday, Oct. 20, 2017.
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Catholic News ServiceOctober 23, 2017
On Oct. 24, the full U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit in a 6-3 vote cleared the way for the pregnant 17-year-old to obtain an abortion.
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Catholic News ServiceOctober 20, 2017
The California Catholic Conference said the bill "deliberately" targeted religious employers.
The “pro-life generation” had a large presence at the annual March for Life in Washington on Jan. 27. (CNS photo/Tyler Orsburn)
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Kelsey HazzardOctober 19, 2017
Millennials in the “pro-life generation” are not interested in a culture war, but simply want to save preborn children and their mothers from the tragedy of abortion.