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Samuel J. Aquila
Archbishop Aquila: When the church minimizes the danger of an unworthy reception of the Eucharist, she fails to properly love those who continue to jeopardize their souls. Trading “civility” and “engagement” for eternal life is not a good trade.
Julie Asher - Catholic News Service
The $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan Act heading to President Joe Biden’s desk for his signature will provide relief to Americans in need amid the pandemic, but it lacks “protections for the unborn,” the U.S. bishops said.
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Sam Sawyer, S.J.
Statements by some U.S. bishops on the new Johnson & Johnson vaccine for Covid-19 are proving to be a cautionary tale about confusing Catholics on what is morally permissible.
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Michael J. O’Loughlin
Recent statements from the Archdiocese of New Orleans and the U.S. bishops’ conference say Catholics should not take the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine if other options are available. But some Catholic ethicists and theologians say such messages are unhelpful in the face of this ongoing crisis.
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Julie Asher - Catholic News Service
“As with every administration, there will be areas where we agree and work closely together and areas where we will have principled disagreement and strong opposition,” Archbishop Gomez said.
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Erika Bachiochi
By requiring abortion to be funded by states and covered by insurers as “health care,” the Equality Act would only further incentivize employers to prefer abortion for their pregnant employees over far more costly accommodations for parenting.