Molly Cahill October 23, 2020
Rebecca Christian offers a broader understanding of reproductive justice that might surprise people who only know the term from popular discourse.
Kathleen Bonnette October 19, 2020
When neither political party fully affirms the principles of our faith, writes Kathleen Bonnette, we must look at the world around us to decide which principles are most at stake.
Jane Sloan Peters October 14, 2020
As I watch Amy Coney Barrett’s resilience and composure during the confirmation hearings, I wonder if I, too, could live a bit louder as the woman I am.
Kevin Christopher Robles October 11, 2020
In the series finale, Sebastian speaks with Bishop Robert McElroy of San Diego, a leading voice on Catholic Social Teaching in the American hierarchy. How should Catholics prioritize the issues? And what does it really mean to form your conscience?
Kevin Christopher Robles October 10, 2020
The Catholic Bishops teach that abortion is a preeminent voting issue for Catholics, because it directly attacks life itself. Do Catholics agree? And should it take precedence over other life and death issues?
James T. Keane October 09, 2020
The president just did. Catholic moral theology can offer some answers.