Christian organizations are urging California Gov. Gavin Newsom to veto a bill that would require the state’s public universities to offer abortion medication through campus health clinics. 
The Supreme Court is about to commence on another highly contentious term, with many controversial items on its docket, from abortion to LGBT rights to immigration.
Catholic News Service October 07, 2019
The Attorney General of Indiana, Curtis Hill, has announced that his office has conducted the return of the aborted remains of over 2,000 fetuses back to Indiana, in the wake of the revelations of the now-deceased physician who performed the abortions and stored the fetuses in his Illinois home.
An ecumenical group of church leaders in Northern Ireland have come together to protest the British government's edict for a more liberal abortion rights law to be applied in the province.
Lawmakers in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca have approved a measure to decriminalize abortion, despite vocal church opposition.
The three buildings were searched by police Sept. 19. No additional fetal remains were discovered.