A pro-life activist holds a rosary stands outside an abortion clinic in 2012 in London. A prominent Catholic lawyer has expressed concern that local governments are considering exclusion zones around abortion clinics, with no proof anyone is harassing pregnant women. (CNS photo/Andrew Winning, Reuters)
Local councils in London, Birmingham, Portsmouth and Manchester are considering establishing buffer zones around abortion clinics.
The Editors January 31, 2018
Bipartisanship will be absolutely necessary to pass any meaningful federal legislation that changes our current stalemate on abortion.
The vote could open the door to legal abortion on demand in Ireland.
Associated Press January 30, 2018
Three Democrats voted in favor of the bill, while two Republicans voted to reject it.
Women protesting against abortion in Boise, Idaho. (iStock/MivPiv)
Patrick T. Brown January 24, 2018
Compared with other religious groups, Catholic women choosing abortion are more likely to be older and married—and most want to have children in the future.
Sam Sawyer, S.J. January 19, 2018
Some students had reservations about politicians whose pro-life commitment was too narrow.