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Objections from Cincinnati Right to Life and other pro-life groups were mounting ahead of the one-hour evening event on the Catholic campus because Biden, who is Catholic, supports keeping abortion legal.
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Julie Asher - Catholic News Service
“We implore the House Committee on Appropriations to reverse course on these bills that currently expand taxpayer funding of abortion,” Cardinal Dolan and Archbishop Naumann said.
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Charles C. CamosyDavid McPherson
An authentically Catholic consistent life ethic means treating prenatal children as the equivalent of every other human being.
Gloria Purvis
Marriage. Abortion. Gender identity. Adoption by same-sex couples. What happens if exercising my religious liberty in these areas is perceived as discrimination against another person?
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Charles C. Camosy
Pro-lifers and pro-choicers should both want to help women and families be in a place to choose to have another child.
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Terrance Klein
Democratic compromise is not a moral evil. And democratic leaders, charged to seek it, are not public sinners. Neither should be combatted with excommunication.