A changing legal landscape in college sports has renewed the discussion of what is “fair” for college athletes when it comes to compensation.
Kevin JacksonMarch 20, 2020

February 12, 2020

Review: Movie stardom might be your destiny, but it does not solve your problems.

Dan Bevacqua’s debut novel, the darkly comic 'Molly Bit,' follows the rise and fall of a Hollywood star.

The Top 25 Films from the Last 25 Years

One hundred years after the birth of cinema, the Vatican released a commemorative list of 45 great films. Now, 25 years later, America Media is here to expand the Vatican’s list with the most groundbreaking, impressive and beautiful films released since 1995.

Review: How should Christians address anti-Semitism in their communities?

This book is meant to arouse Christians, both their pastors and congregations, to the agonies and injustices perpetrated against Jews in the past and presen