Faith Faith in Focus
Karl MillerApril 19, 2018
I see myself as a beloved son of the Father, who happens to be attracted to men.
Arts & Culture Ideas
Lisa AmplemanApril 19, 2018
When I read A Wrinkle in Time as a child, it was an experience of the senses.
Faith Faith in Focus
Jack Bentz, S.J.April 19, 2018
Francis showed us how to risk simply embracing the hurting world. No explaining, just loving.
(Fotografia: Patrick Hendry/Unsplash) 
Español La Palabra
Juan Luis CalderónApril 19, 2018
En este tiempo de Pascua, nuestra reflexión se centra en Jesucristo dándonos la oportunidad de comenzar de nuevo para la vida eterna.
Politics & Society News
Cardinal Donald W. Wuerl said the concept of race is not a biological reality, but a social construct.
Faith News
Catholic News ServiceApril 19, 2018
A clampdown on religious freedom has intensified in the province in recent months.