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The Catholic high school student at the center of an encounter with a Native American tribal leader in Washington filed a $250 million defamation lawsuit Feb. 19 against The Washington Post claiming the newspaper's coverage of the incident was biased.
Arts & Culture Film
Michael V. Tueth, S.J.February 20, 2019
“The Wife” and “Can You Ever Forgive Me?” feature female protagonists with strongly contrasting stories.
Faith Vatican Dispatch
Gerard O’ConnellFebruary 20, 2019
Frederic Martel boldly told reporters at a press conference at the Foreign Press Association in Rome on Feb. 20 that “the great majority” of the more than 200 members of the College of Cardinals are leading double lives.
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British government inquiry into the sexual abuse crisis that continues to shake the Catholic Church has focused on the actions of the Vatican’s diplomatic service — its network of papal nuncios around the world.
Politics & Society News
Catholic News ServiceFebruary 20, 2019
Bishop Michael C. Barber of Oakland, in releasing the list, said its publication was an "act of contrition" and an attempt to bring comfort to survivors of clergy abuse.
Faith Faith and Reason
Daniel PhilpottFebruary 20, 2019
Does the Church, as the Body of Christ, offer a response to the sex abuse scandals?
Faith The Good Word
Terrance KleinFebruary 20, 2019
You might ask, “Shouldn’t we all pretend to be Jesus?” We should, but that does not seem to have gotten most of us all that far. Perhaps a humbler role is a better beginning.
Arts & Culture Books
Joe Hoover, S.J.February 20, 2019
In Christian Wiman's new book, all easy answers about how spirituality informs the arts and vice versa are given fierce interrogation.
Faith Podcasts
America This WeekFebruary 20, 2019
This week's guest is John Pfaff.
Students join the Youth Strike 4 Climate movement during a climate change protest near Parliament in London on Feb. 15. (Nick Ansell/PA via AP)
Politics & Society Dispatches
David StewartFebruary 20, 2019
We are now relying on our children to act where we have failed, for their futures and that of their offspring.
Politics & Society Short Take
Warren von EschenbachFebruary 20, 2019
Our society—and our economy—depends on trust for its very survival. So what do we do when cries of “fake news” erode our willingness to believe each other?
Arts & Culture Television
Jim McDermottFebruary 20, 2019
Like a new Netflix series, the church today seems caught in an endless loop of accusations and revelations.
Faith News
People must stop using gay people as scapegoats for the sexual abuse of children, two male survivors of abuse by priests told reporters.
An overturned car burns during a protest demanding the resignation of Haitian President Jovenel Moise in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on Feb. 12. (AP Photo/Dieu Nalio Chery)
Politics & Society Dispatches
Mario ArizaFebruary 19, 2019
“The hour is serious, poverty is increasing; the common good is threatened,” Haiti’s bishops wrote. “The country is on the brink of collapse!”
Members of the Ending of Clergy Abuse organization and survivors of clergy sex abuse outside St. Peter's Square on Feb. 18. (AP Photo/Gregorio Borgia)
Faith Vatican Dispatch
Gerard O’ConnellFebruary 19, 2019
“We all know that canon law has to be changed so that it stops protecting the priesthood of ordained men over the lives of children," Anne Barrett Doyle, the co-director of, told reporters.
Faith News Analysis
The EditorsFebruary 19, 2019
Daily news and analysis of the historic gathering of bishops from 130 countries for a summit on the protection of children
Politics & Society News
Leaders of the Catholic Church in the United States react to the laicization of former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick and reflect on what it means for the Church as it tries to confront the abuse crisis.
Politics & Society News
A statement issued by the Women's International Union of Superiors General concerning the upcoming Vatican summit on sexual abuse lamented "the misplaced loyalty, errors in judgment, slowness to act, denial and at times, cover-up."
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An assistant bishop is set to become the most senior Anglican in Australia to be laicized.
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In late May, scholars from a range of disciplines will gather at Rome’s Gregorian University to discuss the results of the research initiative, called “Understanding Unbelief,” which for the past two years has been mapping the rise and nature of non-religion across the world.