Arts & CultureIdeas
Kevin Spinale
Princeton University is dropping the requirement for knowing Latin and Greek to major in Classics. Its decision is a frightening one and augurs ill for the future of the field.
Inside the Vatican
This week on “Inside the Vatican,” host Colleen Dulle and veteran Vatican correspondent Gerard O’Connell discuss the fallout of Cardinal Marx’s offer to resign.
Arts & CulturePoetry
Taylor Byas
I’m tired of funerals, the pallbearing of myself
Arts & CulturePoetry
Susan Vickerman
No songs, no vicar, but why no humanist?
FaithThe Word
Jaime L. Waters
Today’s reading gives biblical examples of expecting and accepting rejection and persevering despite the obstacles.
Arts & CultureBooks
Mike St. Thomas
The narrator of 'The Great Gatsby,' Nick Carraway, is the focus of Michael Farris Smith's new novel, 'Nick.'
FaithThe Word
Jaime L. Waters
Jesus responds to needs quickly and effectively, demonstrating selflessness, adaptability and concern for the welfare of others.
FaithThe Word
Jaime L. Waters
Today’s readings teach several important points about leadership: the need for rest, retreat and recovery, and compassion.
FaithThe Word
Jaime L. Waters
The readings remind us to be realistic and recognize that not everyone will respond favorably.
Arts & CultureBooks
Diane Scharper
Brendan Hodge's debut novel ‘If You Can Get It’ centers on two young women seeking meaning along the axes of work, love and faith.
FaithYour Take
Our readers
With the arrival of summer, America asked its readers to give Pope Francis a summer reading recommendation, “beach read” or otherwise.
Politics & SocietyEditorials
The Editors
The United States has dithered on establishing any policy to help bring an end to a conflict now in its eighth decade.
Politics & SocietyNews
Jessica Gresko—Associated Press
The Supreme Court ruled that the city of Philadelphia violated the Constitution by limiting its relationship with a Catholic foster care agency over the group's refusal to certify same-sex couples as foster parents.
FaithFaith in Focus
Patrick Saint-Jean
Juneteenth is more than a day of celebration. It is a challenge to be accountable to one another as members of a beloved community.
FaithFaith in Focus
Kim R. Harris
This historic and traditional music reflects the experience, thoughts, sorrows, joys and spirituality of our enslaved and free ancestors.
Arts & CultureFeatures
James T. Keane
“My hope is that the church can use the immense power of its storytelling to move toward more compassion, more kindness.”
FaithFaith in Focus
Joe Hoover, S.J.
A tribute to the shot that may be saving the world.
FaithJesuit School Spotlight
James T. Keane
A graduate of a Jesuit high school in conversation with his English teacher from three decades ago on Ignatian and Jesuit education.
Vice President Kamala Harris speaks to the media on June 8 at the Sofitel Mexico City Reforma in Mexico City. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)
Politics & SocietyDispatches
J.D. Long-García
“You can’t understand [border realities] by talking to government officials. You have to talk to the people who are working with migrants and hear about the suffering.”
Mark Pattison - Catholic News Service
Creating national norms was never the intent behind a proposal to write a new statement on the Eucharist, said Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades of Fort Wayne-South Bend, Indiana, chairman of the U.S. bishops’ Committee on Doctrine.