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Willard F. JabuschAugust 27, 2007
The story of the rowdy young man who was martyred for refusing to obey Hitler.
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Willard F. JabuschMay 28, 2007

It would not be easy to forget Sister Lucía, the frail little nun whom I met in a strange and terrible place, the Manicomio de San Lazaro in Quito, Ecuador.

Willard F. JabuschFebruary 16, 2004
Cardinal George Mundelein, the colorful archbishop of Chicago from 1915 to 1939, styled himself “Prince of the West.” He was indeed the first bishop west of the Allegheny Mountains to be made a cardinal, and he enjoyed to the fullest all the pomp and glory of a prince of the church. But
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Willard F. JabuschMay 12, 2003
By now it is clear to anyone interested in the Catholic Church that there are no longer enough priests to celebrate Mass in many parishes.
Willard F. JabuschNovember 11, 2002
To say merely that it was “inappropriate” would be a gross understatement. On a Sunday afternoon in the great Romanesque abbey church of Maria Laach in the German Rheinland, a mother and father with three preteen children strolled down the aisle casually licking their ice cream cones. Al
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Willard F. JabuschApril 08, 2002
We were told to meet at the Bronze Door of the Vatican Palace on the morning of Dec. 23 last year. After the security check and a short wait at the foot of a monumental marble stairway, we were led up through the vast courtyard of St. Damasus, down a long gallery decorated with frescos of old maps a
Willard F. JabuschMarch 19, 2001
The young man was clearly uneasy. Most people would insist that he had no cause for worry. After all, he would soon receive his M.B.A. from a very prestigious business school, had already been offered a contract by a large investment banking firm and, if he accepts it, would have a starting salary o
Willard F. JabuschOctober 07, 2000
Every parish priest and university chaplain knows the story. The young couple visits their pastor to make arrangements for their wedding. The pastor begins to ask the questions on the prenuptial questionnaire. The young man gives his address and later the young woman. It appears they live at the sam