GOOD POINT. President Barack Obama and Representative John Lewis tour the Cornerstones of Civil Rights exhibit at the LBJ Presidential Library.
Vincent D. RougeauJune 24, 2014
Few societies in modern history have been more invested in the social construct of race than the United States. The perpetuation of race-based chattel slavery in a nation founded on radical notions of individual freedom fueled enduring, albeit simplistic, dualities around the concepts of “blac
Vincent D. RougeauAugust 13, 2012
Bringing morality into the voting booth
Vincent D. RougeauMay 23, 2011
Martha Nussbaum's new book looks at the "human development approach" to social development.
Vincent D. RougeauApril 12, 2010
Thea Bowmans struggle to open the Catholic Church to African-American spirituality.
Vincent D. RougeauMay 19, 2008
Martha Nussbaum's 'Liberty of Conscience,' reviewed