Faith News
Tonny Onyulo - USA Today (RNS)January 07, 2019
The Catholic Church has condemned the practice and questioned whether the new law is constitutional.
Politics & Society News
Tonny Onyulo - USA Today (RNS)September 12, 2018
As she sat outside her hut making jewelry to sell to tourists, 9-year-old Sajon Lengupayi pleaded with passers-by to rescue her from an early marriage that she said her parents arranged without her consent.
Tom Gowon, 9, in a brown jacket, with his fellow refugees at Baga Sola camp, Chad. The fighting between the government and Boko Haram has displaced thousands of children. (Photo by Tonny Onyulo, courtesy of USA Today)
Tonny Onyulo - USA Today (RNS)March 11, 2015
Memories of Boko Haram’s murderous spree in his Nigerian hometown haunt Tom Gowon, 9, as he sits on a patch of grass at a refugee camp, sipping steaming porridge from a plastic mug.“I was lucky because I was not killed,” said Gowon, recalling the assault on Baga, Nigeria, in early