Tobias Winright is associate professor of theological and health care ethics at Saint Louis University. His articles on policing span 25 years, with several included in his forthcoming book “Serve and Protect: Selected Essays on Just Policing.” He is working on a new book, “Just and Unjust Policing
Police officers in Atlanta kneel with protesters on June 1, following a white police officer’s killing of George Floyd, an African American, in Minneapolis on May 25. (CNS photo/Dustin Chambers, Reuters)
Politics & Society Short Take
Tobias WinrightOctober 15, 2020
Law enforcement in the United States has been tainted by racism, writes Tobias Winright, but we can reimagine and cultivate a new culture of ”just policing.”
Arts & Culture Books
Tobias WinrightMay 31, 2019
The costs of medicine in the United States are addressed in different, though complementary, ways in two new books on broken U.S. health care.
Faith Faith and Reason
Tobias WinrightAugust 17, 2018
Did Pope Francis depart from Scripture and tradition in declaring the death penalty "inadmissible"? Or was his declaration rooted deeply in both?
A U.S. Border Patrol agent watches as people who've been taken into custody related to cases of illegal entry into the United States, stand in line at a facility in McAllen, Texas, Sunday, June 17, 2018. (U.S. Customs and Border Protection's Rio Grande Valley Sector via AP)
Politics & Society Short Take
Tobias WinrightJune 21, 2018
I humbly exhort you to listen to and follow your conscience during these stormy times.
Politics & Society Short Take
Tobias WinrightFebruary 23, 2018

In the wake of repeated mass shootings, most recently at a school in Parkland, Fla., on Feb. 14, many of us are asking what resources are available to educators to address questions of gun violence and gun control.