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Timothy W. O'Brien, S.J.May 10, 2017
Like so many others in the French capital region, I have the air of a foreigner.
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Timothy W. O'Brien, S.J.May 04, 2017
My point is that the Catholics in France have to realize that no candidate can match the real expectations of Catholic voters.
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Timothy W. O'Brien, S.J.August 18, 2016
'The Enthusiast,' by Jon Sweeney
Arts & Culture Books
Timothy W. O'Brien, S.J.August 19, 2015
'Contrition,' by Maura Weiler
Timothy W. O'Brien, S.J.March 12, 2014
There is a common assumption that the more familiar a person is with a given subject the less objective he or she becomes in assessing it Earle Labor rsquo s new biography of Jack London represents a notable departure from this conventional wisdom After over 50 years of studying Jack London and t
Timothy W. O'Brien, S.J.November 05, 2012
There are as many ways to pray as there are people who pray.
Faith in Focus
Timothy W. O'Brien, S.J.February 13, 2012
I came upon contemplation accidentally, almost despite myself.
Timothy W. O'Brien, S.J.October 03, 2011

Mary Karr’s gritty stories of sin and salvation show us that grace is not always graceful.

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Timothy W. O'Brien, S.J.August 31, 2011
This past summer I had the good fortune of working as an intern at America Magazine One of the many unique things about America is that it is more than just a periodical -- it is a ministry of the Society of Jesus carried on for over 100 years by both Jesuits and a host of lay editors and contribu
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Timothy W. O'Brien, S.J.August 19, 2011
Earlier this month the Department of Health and Human Services HHS adopted new standards related to preventive services for women rsquo s health The Catholic reaction to the proposed standards--which are slated to go into effect sometime after the ongoing 60-day comment period--has been mixed O