Faith in Focus
Thomas H. StahelJuly 31, 2006
When I returned to the United States from Nigeria in 2000, I was assigned to work in a downtown parish of New Orleans, where Harry Tompson was the only Jesuit and pastor. Harry, who had cancer of the prostate, was not afraid of many things, if anything. He used to say, “It’s not death I
Thomas H. StahelSeptember 26, 2005
Getting out of New Orleans has never been as easy as getting in. The city has too much magnetic charm. At least it used to. Expecting in this case, however, that getting back in might be harder than getting out, my Jesuit community and I had decided to ride out Hurricane Katrina at our downtown chur
Thomas H. StahelMay 16, 2005
The thesis of this book is that like Nazareth this town hidden in the Cajun country of south central Louisiana has been the home of holy people whom an oblivious world ought to know about And it rsquo s true Grand Coteau La makes Nazareth in Galilee look like the Great White Way Can anything
Thomas H. StahelApril 19, 2004
You rsquo ll need an iron stomach and a leather bottom to get through these two investigative reports but if you want to know about sexual abuse in the church they are indispensable You will also have to put up with cute titles and chapter heads as well as an occasionally questionable judgment
Thomas H. StahelNovember 16, 1985
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