Sonja Livingston's latest book, The Virgin of Prince Street: Expeditions into Devotion, describes a series of journeys that explore tradition within a swiftly changing personal and religious landscape. She divides her time between Rochester, N.Y., and Richmond, Va., where she is an

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Sonja LivingstonMay 15, 2020
My father-in-law is coming to the end.
Faith Features
Sonja LivingstonFebruary 07, 2020
In Poland, paczki are eaten on the Thursday before Lent, but they are a Fat Tuesday tradition in Polish communities across the United States.
Faith Features
Sonja LivingstonOctober 18, 2019
Darkness and light are but one, the psalmist tells us. Our lives are filled with both. Sugar and skulls. Flowers and dust. Love and loss. You cannot embrace one without allowing the other.
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Faith Features
Sonja LivingstonDecember 28, 2018
It has taken a trip to Epiphany City for me to fully grasp that, when it comes to faith, I have barely gotten my feet wet.
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Sonja LivingstonFebruary 09, 2018
What a missing statue and a Rust Belt quest taught me about devotion.
Faith Features
Sonja LivingstonAugust 23, 2017
On finding reconciliation in a post-contrition era.