Sam Sawyer, S.J., is a senior editor and the director of digital strategy at America Media.
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Sam Sawyer, S.J. July 15, 2015
Updated: Planned Parenthood's practices cannot be defended, but "sales" accusation is misleading.
Screenshot of Dr. Deborah Nucatola from the Center for Medical Progress's undercover video
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Sam Sawyer, S.J. July 14, 2015
These abortions are no longer purely about reproductive choice but a means to a grislier end
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Sam Sawyer, S.J. August 15, 2013
The dogmatic thinking that convinced us that a phone could (should!) be a sheer piece of glass, that a swipe of a finger on a screen should feel like moving a real object, and that the Internet should be in our pockets has opened up tremendous possibilities.