A young girl eats supper at the North End Soup Kitchen in Flint, Mich., Feb. 18. The soup kitchen is operated by Catholic Charities. (CNS photo/Jim West)
Faith in Focus
Ronald LandfairMay 04, 2016
It is Flint’s future we must concern ourselves with.
Ronald LandfairDecember 09, 2002
The fluorescent pink parking ticket lay on the seat between us. My recently licensed son had forgotten to move the car off the street into our driveway and had now received notice of his first parking violation. As his mother left for work that morning, she pointed out to him: It was your responsibi
Ronald LandfairDecember 24, 2001
On the day after the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday several years ago, I sat on my living-room sofa fuming at the television set. My wife entered the room and patiently asked me what news story had caused me such exasperation. I had just watched the national director for the American Red Cross urge
Ronald LandfairMay 06, 2000
I was supposed to be doing research for an academic assignmentyet another paper. I hated the task as soon as I read the syllabus. Seeking additional sources for information, I turned to the World Wide Web. For me, the world of cyber-information created as many diversions as a library card catalog, a