Boy at Religious Education Congress in California displays sign calling for end to deportations. (CNS photo/Vict or Aleman, Via Nueva)
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Roger M. MahonyJuly 09, 2014
The arrival of many thousands of unaccompanied immigrant minors to our southern border has reignited fierce debates over who is to blame how they got to the border and what to do about it We have witnessed the vociferous standoffs in Murietta Calif where the Border Patrol intended to process se
Roger M. MahonyAugust 06, 2013
The negative rhetoric arising on so many fronts about immigrants living in our country and as we discuss how to fix a badly broken immigration system is both sad and deafening. Blame and damnation are heaped upon the heads of our immigrant brothers and sisters, while scant attention is paid to their
Roger M. MahonyMay 23, 2011
Welcoming the New Roman Missal
Roger M. MahonyJune 07, 2010
An ill-conceived law could reinvigorate immigration reform.
Roger M. MahonyMay 17, 2010

These remarks were delivered at Fordham University on May 3, 2010 at a lecture sponsored by America and the Fordham Center on Religion and Culture.

On March 21st, I

Roger M. MahonyMay 27, 2002
The expectations surrounding the meeting in Rome on April 23-24 of the U.S. cardinals, the leaders of our bishops’ conference and members of the Roman Curia were enormously unrealistic. Those hopes ranged from a quick and final plan to end decades of child abuse in the church to a Third Vatica