Arts & Culture Books
Roger BergmanAugust 21, 2020
Erik Edstrom, a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, tries to explain what our recent wars have meant to the people of Afghanistan and Iraq.
Arts & Culture Books
Roger BergmanSeptember 13, 2017
"Stand your ground" laws typically expand the historic reach of the “castle doctrine,” the right in English common law to defending one’s own property.
Politics & Society Books
Roger BergmanSeptember 22, 2016
How did freedom become identified with unfettered access to cheap and abundant oil from halfway around the world?
Roger BergmanFebruary 23, 2016
One need not believe that ours are the worst of times to believe they are pretty bad—nonetheless it is a time for poetry.
Faith Faith in Focus
Roger BergmanMay 11, 2009
Roger Bergman relates his experience of Óscar Romero, a model of grace in the midst of desolation from Bergman's personal life to his Creighton University classroom.