Richard P. McBrienApril 08, 2002
Thomas Cahill rsquo s highly successful Hinges of History series has established him as one of the most engaging and popular authors in the field of religion today Three volumes have been published thus far How the Irish Saved Civilization The Gifts of the Jews and Desire of the Everlasting Hills
Richard P. McBrienFebruary 12, 2000
Soon after the U.S. Catholic bishops passed the revised version of the Application of Ex Corde Ecclesiae on Nov. 17, 1999, several newspapers, including The New York Times, phoned me for a reaction. In each instance, the reporter asked if I intended to request a mandate from the local bishop. I indi
Richard P. McBrienJune 08, 1996

Theology is not faith.... To "have faith" is to be in a personal relationship with God, who is Truth itself.... Theology is "faith seeking understanding" (to use St. Anselm of Canterburys centuries-old definition). It is the more or less systematic effort one makes to understand and express the