The tombs of Father Rutilio Grande, Manuel Solorzano and Nelson Lemus are seen inside a church in El Paisnal, El Salvador. (CNS photo/ Edgardo Ayala)
Rhina Guidos - Catholic News Service June 01, 2015
Almost as soon as Salvadoran Archbishop Oscar Romero was declared "blessed" by the Vatican May 23, talk of his canonization began. When will it happen? Where? Can it be held in El Salvador since the people to whom it matters the most, the poor, will not be able to make it if it is held in
U.S. pilgrims light candles in the cathedral in San Salvador May 21, two days before the beatification of Archbishop Oscar Romero. (CNS photo/Lissette Lemus)
Rhina Guidos - Catholic News Service May 22, 2015
The use of modern media to move and consume news of the beatification of Oscar Romero might be a fitting tribute to the Salvadoran archbishop.
Rhina Guidos - Catholic News Service May 18, 2015
Even as it gets ready to mark one of the biggest events in its history—the May 23 beatification of slain archbishop Oscar Romero—El Salvador, which in Spanish means "the savior," is in the midst of one of its most violent periods.
Sister Olga Arias visits a family of nine, including seven children, in early March in rural Cuba. It can be daunting to transmit the values of the church when families are focused on day-by-day survival, she said. (CNS photo/Rhina Guidos)
Rhina Guidos - Catholic News Service April 10, 2015
In 2004, with the divorce rate looming around 70 percent in Cuba, the Catholic Church called for a "year of the family."Even among Catholics back then, there was little hope that workshops, discussions and reflection would do much good to remedy the situation. A decade later, the figure of