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Regina NigroJuly 08, 2010
With the nationwide heat wave forcing us indoors summer reading has become an even more essential part of the season Respected book-blog The Millions suggests a comprehensive summer reading list and looks ahead to some of the most anticipated forthcoming books of 2010 Included is Rick Moody s lat
In All Things
Regina NigroJune 15, 2010
In our current June 21-28 issue Peter Heinegg reviews Bonhoeffer Pastor Prophet Martyr Spy a new biography of German pastor and theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer written by Eric Metaxas Almost immediately after Hitler s ascension to power in 1933 Bonhoeffer then just 27 distinguished himse
In All Things
Regina NigroApril 29, 2010
In a recent episode of the animated hit ldquo South Park rdquo the steady stream of abuse scandals currently rocking the Catholic church became a recurring punchline When asked a question that elicits an obvious yes notoriously insensitive protag Eric Cartman trots out the ldquo Is the Pope Ca
Regina NigroMarch 15, 2010

Two television series, "Damages" and "The Good Wife," grapple with the interplay of strength and femininity.

Regina NigroNovember 23, 2009

The miniseries “V” operates at cross purposes, drawing on a popular political trope while adopting an unnuanced, apolitical stance.

Regina NigroSeptember 14, 2009

The titular character in TNT's "Saving Grace" confronts both the wrongs she has committed and the wrongs committed against her.

Regina NigroJuly 06, 2009
The theme of family is coded into the language of the CBS show, 'How I Met Your Mother.'
Regina NigroFebruary 09, 2009
Charged with existential significance, Lost is more than just popular entertainment.
Faith in Focus
Regina NigroDecember 15, 2008
Christmas Poems New Directions. 96p $11.95 A wonderful stocking stuffer, this collection of Christmas poems, carols and ballads (assembled by the publisher) draws from the literature of many places and times—spanning, in fact, almost 2,000 years. Its contents of 84 entries very tidily provide
Regina NigroNovember 10, 2008
The Duty of Delight The Diaries of Dorothy Day Edited by Robert Ellsberg Marquette Univ. Press. 700p $42 This first edition of the collected diaries of Dorothy Day is bound to become a modern spiritual classic. Many Catholics already know some basic facts about the American-born founder of the Catho