Faith Faith in Focus
Quentin Dupont, S.J.December 13, 2019
The Boston College baseball program is a school where young men learn to be men for others, and Pete was its master student.
Outside the Bataclan, a survivor puts his cellphone to use. Dozens of people were killed in a series of attacks in Paris on Nov. 13. (CNS photo/Etienne Laurent, EPA)
Quentin Dupont, S.J.November 14, 2015
Some of Paris’ wounds are hidden; others are quite literally buried. Friday night’s events showed us the bloody gash of violence and opened up a new and seemingly more terrible wound.
In All Things
Quentin Dupont, S.J.June 06, 2014
Some commentators and theologians have over the past 15 months or so drawn parallels between Pope Francis rsquo warm embrace of the world with Vatican II rsquo s pastoral tone in particular that of the Council rsquo s ldquo Pastoral Constitution of the Church in the Modern World rdquo ldquo
Quentin Dupont, S.J.December 04, 2013
In their widely cited book Securities Analysis, co-authors Benjamin Graham and David Dodd introduce what they call the “value investing” method. “Without some defined standards of value for judging whether securities are over- or under priced in the market place,” they write,
Quentin Dupont, S.J.July 18, 2013
Superman is not Jesus. This, it seems, should be obvious. And yet this summer’s latest iteration of the beloved superhero takes pains to draw comparisons: In “Man of Steel” Superman, while embracing his mission as the aarth’s savior, mentions that he is 33 years old, which ju
Quentin Dupont, S.J.December 13, 2012
Never has a world leader been so financially dependent on the rest of the world.