Philip C. Kolin is the distinguished professor of English emeritus and editor emeritus of the Southern Quarterly at the University of Southern Mississippi.

Arts & Culture Books
Philip C. KolinMay 15, 2020
Paul Mariani’s poems ask, “Does God know us only by the names our parents gave us?,” another reminder of how the human and eternal meet.
Arts & Culture Poetry
Philip C. KolinSeptember 27, 2017
He lives in infinity, and his voice is/ an octave higher than silence.
Arts & Culture Books
Philip C. KolinJune 09, 2016
'The Whole Harmonium' by Paul Mariani
Arts & Culture Poetry
Philip C. KolinJanuary 31, 2013
The city suffocates with the smellOf hemp, soaked in blood, everywhere.Hour after hour after hour she tossesFrom one nightmare to another.Her bed sheets, once silveredWith the scent of nard, taste of gall.She dreams she sees her husband, the prefectOf equivocation, leaning over the porticoTrying to
Philip C. KolinDecember 12, 2011

In sapphire light they gather