Nathan W. O’Halloran, S.J., is a Jesuit priest in doctoral studies in systematic theology at The University of Notre Dame.
Faith Ideas
Nathan W. O'Halloran, S.J.February 18, 2019
Many people object to anyone, much less a Catholic priest, engaging in what they see as recreational violence.
Faith Last Take
Nathan W. O'Halloran, S.J.December 28, 2018
Notre Dame is proud of its slogan: “God, Country, Notre Dame” (in that order). But the ease with which the punctuation slides into “God Country: Notre Dame” has a lot to do with football.
Faith Short Take
Nathan W. O'Halloran, S.J.July 09, 2018
Amy Coney Barrett's religious background with People of Praise should not alarm us.
Faith Faith in Focus
Nathan W. O'Halloran, S.J.June 19, 2017
The motivation for withdrawal in the Ignatius option is formation for mission rather than countercultural resistance.