Michael Daniel Driessen is a professor of political science and international affairs at John Cabot University in Rome, where he teaches and writes about religion and politics.

The Berlaymont building in Brussels, Belgium, is headquarters of the European Commission, the administrative arm of the European Union. (iStock/Jorisvo)
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Michael Daniel Driessen
The far right denounces the European Union as anti-Christian totalitarianism, but Michael Daniel Driessen writes that the E.U. has its roots in Catholic universalism and a suspicion of the nation-state.
Michael Daniel Driessen
In recent months Catholic intellectuals in Italy have been engaged in an important conversation about the political responsibilities of Italian Catholics. The conversation took on a certain urgency last summer following a heated debate about whether Catholic organizations, communities and families o
GATHERED TOGETHER. People attend the Family Day rally at the Circus Maximus in Rome on Jan. 30. The rally was held to oppose a bill in the Italian Senate that would allow civil unions for homosexual and heterosexual couples.
Michael Daniel Driessen
The secularization paradigm is no longer sufficient to explain our times.