L. C. McHugh, S.J., taught ethics at Georgetown University before becoming an associate editor at America and writing a regular column on science.

Politics & Society Vantage Point
L. C. McHugh, S.J.February 18, 2020
James B. Donovan closely followed the spy trial of Francis Gary Powers, an American U-2 pilot shot down over the Soviet Union in May 1960, and was interviewed by America.
A home fallout shelter near Akron, Mich., captured by an unknown photographer in 1960. (National Archives and Records Administration, Records of the Defense Civil Preparedness Agency/(397-MA-2s-160)/[VENDOR # 125])
Politics & Society Short Take
L. C. McHugh, S.J.April 05, 2019
Does Catholic social teaching permit you to mount a machine gun at the door of your family’s fallout shelter? In 1961, this was not an idle question.