MARRIAGE COUNSELORS. Bishop Dimitrios Salachas of Greece, left, talks with Msgr. Pio Vito Pinto, dean of the Roman Rota, a Vatican court.
Kevin E. McKennaSeptember 29, 2015
Many canon lawyers may be in an ecclesiastical funk since the election of Pope Francis. Not one to “wield canons” at miscreants violating ecclesiastical norms, this pontiff seems more prone to mediation, conciliation and mercy, while upholding the important values of communion within the
Kevin E. McKennaFebruary 19, 2007
The church is not a democracy, we often hear, and the statement is true in several senses. But does this mean that the faithful have no rights before church authorities? Is the church’s teaching on the importance of basic human rights consistent with its own internal governance? The present Co
Kevin E. McKennaSeptember 16, 2002
Before banks of cameras, intense lights and the gaze of victims of sexual abuse, the bishops of the United States recently debated in Dallas a new policy to “repair the breach” with those damaged at the hands of church ministers. They approved overwhelmingly a Charter for the Protection