Arts & Culture Books
Jordan Denari DuffnerOctober 24, 2018
Two timely texts can help elevate our thinking and improve the ways we relate to our Muslim brothers and sisters.
Arts & Culture Books
Jordan Denari DuffnerFebruary 21, 2018
In What the Qur’an Meant and Why It Matters, Garry Wills offers what he hopes can be a remedy to this fear: an invitation to pick up the Quran and read it, as he has done.
Politics & Society Short Take
Jordan Denari DuffnerMay 24, 2017
Until now, Islamophobia has been a cornerstone of the Trump presidency, and we should look for more than a momentary shift in rhetoric as evidence for meaningful change.
Politics & Society Short Take
Jordan Denari DuffnerJanuary 23, 2017
It should not be difficult for Catholics to acknowledge the reality of Islamophobia.
Faith Faith in Focus
Jordan Denari DuffnerFebruary 20, 2012
Our conversations, especially those about the nature of God and our relationship with God, led me to an understanding of the similarities between Islam and Catholicism. Our smiles grew wide when the words of biblical and Koranic stories about Abraham matched up almost perfectly.