Vantage Point
John B. BreslinSeptember 30, 2016
Hailed by Graham Greene, Endo was one of the most important Christian novelists of the 20th century.
John B. BreslinJanuary 29, 2007
Postapocalyptic novels were once popular back in the last millennium when we all worried about the Bomb and what it might do to us Nevil Shute an Australian novelist delivered himself of quite a successful one On the Beach that later was translated to the screen and did its best to present th
John B. BreslinNovember 20, 2006
I carried a copy of Seamus Heaney rsquo s latest collection District and Circle with me to Europe this summer reading it on buses and trains and at outdoor restaurants in London This was the rainless summer when London hit 100 degrees Fahrenheit for the first time in recorded history happily
John B. BreslinSeptember 18, 2006
I first met John McGahern in the 1990 rsquo s when I was teaching a summer course in contemporary Irish literature for Georgetown students at Trinity College in Dublin where John was then residing He was one of the people I was hoping to entice to come to my class and when I asked him he agreed
John B. BreslinApril 17, 2006
Writing a novel based on the Gospels is a tricky business, not only because the Gospels themselves are such special documents, but because the two literary forms have very different purposes. Both are narratives, of course, but the novel is, historically speaking, a relatively recent phenomenon and
John B. BreslinDecember 12, 2005
If Thomas O rsquo Malley rsquo s first book In the Province of Saints is anything to judge by he has a real future ahead of him as a novelist The story takes place in Ireland more specifically in the southern part between 1976 and 1981 But geography alas does not spare his characters from
John B. BreslinJuly 04, 2005
Saturday brings Ian McEwan rsquo s novel output to a neat dozen with one exception most of them have tended toward brevity rather than length I have read almost all of them and consider myself a fan Ironically McEwan received the Booker Prize for Amsterdam a short novel of intrigue while his
John B. BreslinMarch 21, 2005
It was inevitable the academy has struck back After the early favorable reviews and popular success of Professor Stephen Greenblatt rsquo s ldquo biography rdquo of William Shakespeare his scholarly colleagues have now weighed in to remind him that such success comes at a price The New York Ti
John B. BreslinOctober 04, 2004
Novels inspired by great works of art are hardly novel but in the past several years their number seems to be growing Tracy Chevalier can claim some credit for the increase since her Girl With a Pearl Earring proved to be both a best-seller and the inspiration for a successful film and her secon
John B. BreslinMarch 22, 2004
Tobias Wolff is best known as a memoirist both for This Boy rsquo s Life and In Pharaoh rsquo s Army as well as a fine short-story writer Old School his first novel though clearly labeled a novel takes the form of a first-person memoir about a schoolboy rsquo s encounters with books and their a