Faith in Focus
Joan SauroJune 22, 2009
Remembering my uncommon father
Joan SauroApril 02, 2007

All of them were small and narrow, Emily Dickinson beds situated in modest rooms. Once I journeyed to Amherst, Mass., solely to see Emily Dickinson’s bedroom, to breathe the sacred air. As luck would have it, I had come the wrong day for tours and was left on the stoop of the Homestead,

Faith in Focus
Joan SauroMay 15, 2006
Iraq receives all the headlines these days. But the truth is there is a war being waged in the homeland, a battleground in nursing homes across the country. In the past five months my mother has been in three of them as her health and self-reliance deteriorate. The latest is a 13-floor monolith wher
Joan SauroJune 06, 2005

The things they brought with them to the convent did not belong to them. They came from other people’s lives: