Faith Faith in Focus
Jeffrey EssmannDecember 02, 2019
Prophets are those people who through gentleness or annoyance (or some combination of the two) have called us to who we really are and pointed to where we were supposed to go.
Arts & Culture Poetry
Jeffrey EssmannMarch 22, 2018
All human now, bereft of the divine
Faith in Focus
Jeffrey EssmannMarch 03, 2016
The day my niece died grammar was nearly salvific to me.
Faith in Focus
Jeffrey EssmannOctober 07, 2015
My grandmother’s rosary was of amethyst-colored beads and a small silver crucifix, gray-black with tarnish. She kept it on the bureau in her bedroom near a holy card of St. Jude and a talcum powder box made of imitation satin. She’d put it in a special pouch—an old change purse, ac
Faith in Focus
Jeffrey EssmannAugust 19, 2014
There has been an ontological honesty to my stumbles, and they’ve usually landed me in places confidence never would have brought me.