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James R. KellySeptember 19, 2017
For those who still want to believe that a full JFK presidency would surely have led to an American Camelot, this book is not for you.
Arts & Culture Books
James R. KellyOctober 27, 2016
As one reviewer observed, “She began by writing about sidewalks and finished with an account of Western civilization itself.”
James R. KellyDecember 22, 2015
'Beyond Civil Rights,' by Daniel Geary
James R. KellyOctober 21, 2015
'The Prophet of Cuernavaca,' by Todd Hartch
James R. KellyOctober 29, 2014
'Strange Glory,' by Charles Marsh
James R. KellyJuly 08, 2014
We know for sure that someone is permanently relevant when his or her name becomes an adjective In the week mdash last week of March 2014 mdash I finished the most recent of the very many intellectual biographies of George Orwell his adjectived name appeared twice in Brooklyn in our diocesan news
James R. KellyMarch 12, 2014
In his very first sentence Denys Turner professor of historical theology at Yale University tells us that in his portrait of that most Catholic of Catholic philosopher-theologians St Thomas Aquinas 1225-74 ldquo I have not until undertaking this work given more careful consideration to an i
James R. KellyMay 21, 2012
Ross Douthat has written a learned yet highly readable analysis of the changing role of religion in American history.
James R. KellyFebruary 16, 2009
Why the pro-life movement should return to its roots
Faith Faith in Focus
James R. KellyApril 14, 2008
A husband's journey through grief