CLERGY PERSONS. The enthronement ceremony for the new archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, March 21, 2013.
James HanveyAugust 06, 2014
Almost 27 years ago I attended a debate between Rowan Williams and Graham Leonard in Christ Church College at Oxford University. The debate was on the possibility of ordaining women to the priesthood. Pope John Paul II had ruled that the Catholic Church was not competent to change the tradition and
Women react after Church of England synod approves ordination of women bishops, July 14.
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James HanveyJuly 15, 2014
James Hanvey, S.J., responds to vote for women bishops.
James HanveyMarch 17, 2014
Margaret Thatcher’s historic and haunting legacy
James HanveyOctober 08, 2013
Editor’s note: The historic interview with Pope Francis (Am. 9/30) has generated a great deal of dialogue in the church and in society at large. We asked several writers to offer their reactions to the pope’s words. Selections from these responses are printed below. The full versions of
James HanveySeptember 25, 2013
We think we know the papacy and tend not to expect many surprises from the Vatican. Indeed, part of its "mystique" lies in its apparent immunity to historical change. Yet it does change and it does surprise us. Whether it was the unexpected decision of John XXIII to call a Council, the ele
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James HanveyJuly 08, 2013
When the San Francisco Opera premiered Mark Adamo’s opera, “The Gospel of Mary Magdalene,” on June 19th, there was some nervousness that the treatment would cause a backlash from those concerned about whether or not the production would uphold tradition regarding Christian gospels
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James HanveyApril 15, 2013
How can we ever forgive Meryl Streep for making Margaret Thatcher lovable Maybe it is because she is an American actress and America can approach Margaret Thatcher with an innocence denied those of us who lived through her 11 years as prime minister nbsp Even before her forced exit from power Baro
James HanveyMarch 01, 2013
Al sureste de Roma se alza la pequeña iglesia de Santa María in Palmis, más conocida como la iglesia del Domine Quo Vadis. El nombre lo toma de una vieja leyenda que narra el encuentro de san Pedro con Cristo cuando el apóstol trataba de huir de la persecución en Roma. “Señor, ¿ad
James HanveyFebruary 25, 2013
Just southeast of Rome stands the small church of St. Mary in Palmis, better known as the Church of Domine Quo Vadis. It takes its name from the legend of St. Peter’s meeting with Christ as he flees persecution in Rome. “Lord, where are you going?” Peter asks. “To Rome to be