Greg KandraOctober 08, 2012
How the council is still shaping the church
Greg KandraJuly 20, 2009
Seven things they don't teach you in formation
Faith in Focus
Greg KandraFebruary 02, 2009
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Faith Faith in Focus
Greg KandraMarch 03, 2008
Bless me, Father, for I have sinned.
Faith in Focus
Greg KandraJuly 18, 2005
The first thing you should know is that I don’t hug trees. I don’t collect money to save whales. I don’t drive a Volvo. I hate tofu. I don’t attend Upper West Side cocktail parties or drink white wine. And I don’t gather in somebody’s basement in the dead of night
Faith in Focus
Greg KandraJune 20, 2005
"Lord, teach us to pray. Are there any words in the Gospel more poignant than these? Here is a phrase that pulls us to the very core of belief - a request that cries out for consolation, instruction, guidance and hope. Throw us a lifeline, Jesus. We need help. Teach us to pray! After two millen
Greg KandraJuly 19, 2004
The weather was awful, and the forecast was grim: heavy snow, possibly as much as a foot, on one of the coldest and darkest nights of the winter. But inside St. Ephrem’s, a large church in Brooklyn, it was springtime. Something was beginning. Candles were lit, hymns were sung, and 65 men from
Faith in Focus
Greg KandraMarch 17, 2003
Should I feel guilty? The question nagged at me—a good Catholic question, pecking at my conscience as I sat under a shaggy tree on the grounds of a great monastery and listened to the bell as it tolled. It was time to pray. I should have been heading to the church. Others on retreat would be i