Politics & Society Short Take
Gerald F. KicanasApril 05, 2018
If our elected officials truly want to address immigration, they will abandon the politics of the wall and focus on real solutions, such as a clean Dream Act.
HOME FIRE. A Kurdish refugee woman from the Syrian town of Kobani.
Gerald F. KicanasMay 06, 2015
Refugees and immigrants can be found all around the world. Some nations open their arms to them; others raise their fists. Some welcome them; others reject them and turn them away. Yet immigrants and refugees continue to arrive, seeking asylum, searching for security, wanting a decent life.When I se
Gerald F. KicanasMay 21, 2012

Psychologists and social scientists tell us that first impressions are very important and that we begin to form them quickly, perhaps as fast as five seconds after we first meet someone.

Late last March, I met Cuba.

My three days in the island nation—partly to be present for Pope

Gerald F. KicanasNovember 21, 2011

BAGHDAD—In her book “Kitchen Table Wisdom,” Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen reminds us that while the simple loving gesture of “kissing the boo-boo” does not take away the pain and suffering that a child feels, it does take away the loneliness felt in suffering.

Suffering and fear dominate the

Gerald F. KicanasFebruary 14, 2011

You never want to get bad news when you are far from home—to be told that a loved one has died or that some kind of disaster has taken place.

Gerald F. KicanasSeptember 26, 2005
A church purified and humbled, yet more resolved to carry on Christ’s work—that is how I would describe the Diocese of Tucson as it emerges from the process of Chapter 11 federal bankruptcy reorganization. The bankruptcy process, ending with a plan of reorganization confirmed by the judg
Gerald F. KicanasNovember 03, 2003
Two summers ago I passed through the entrance gate to the camp at Auschwitz in Poland and read the chilling phrase, “Arbeit Macht Frei” (Work Makes You Free). I wandered the now still streets of that concentration camp viewing the scuffed, unclaimed luggage, some marked with its owner&rs