Gerald D. ColemanAugust 30, 2010
Catholic wisdom on end-of-life care
Gerald D. ColemanFebruary 09, 2009
Barack Obama, FOCA & Catholic attitudes about abortion
Gerald D. ColemanMarch 05, 2007
The Organ Procurement and Transplant Network estimates that there are currently more than 89,000 potential organ candidates on waiting lists. In the past decade, the number of persons nationwide waiting for kidneys has more than doubled to at least 65,500 and could reach 100,000 by 2010. This growin
Gerald D. ColemanFebruary 21, 2005
Both the developed and developing worlds are facing a critical moral choice in the controversial issue of genetically modified food, also known as genetically modified organisms and genetically engineered crops. Critics of these modifications speak dismissively of biotech foods and genetic pollution
Gerald D. ColemanApril 05, 2004
The wrenching story of Terri Schiavo is by now well known. She is 39 years old and has been in a persistent vegetative state (P.V.S.) for 13 years because of brain damage brought on by a heart attack. There has been fierce conflict among her husband, her parents, Governor Jeb Bush of Florida and man
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Gerald D. ColemanApril 22, 2002
A major problem now exists for the future of priestly vocations because of “the alliteration of priest and pedophile.”
Gerald D. ColemanMarch 19, 2001
In an article about maturity they contributed to Robert Nugent’s book A Challenge to Love (1983), the psychologists James and Evelyn Whitehead use the metaphor of journey or passage to explain the loss and gain or peril and possibility that accompany significant moments in life. At the death o