Eugene J. FisherMarch 07, 2011
A study of "the worlds longest running religious debate
Eugene J. FisherApril 05, 2004
Bishops across the country have spoken publicly about the movie The Passion of the Christ, warning that whatever one thinks of the movie, Catholics should not leave the film believing that all Jews, then or now, are guilty of the death of Jesus. Catholics, say the bishops, also need to bear in mind
Eugene J. FisherFebruary 16, 2004
A week or so before Ash Wednesday this year, the Committee for Ecumenical Affairs of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops will release a 150-page resource book for use by Catholic preachers, teachers, interested laity and Catholic-Jewish dialogue groups. Entitled The Bible, the Jews and the Death
Eugene J. FisherDecember 10, 2001
Whether one agrees with the specific conclusions of the author or not one has to admit that the book delivers on the promise of its subtitle In readable dispassionate language which is itself highly unusual for a book on this topic the author takes the reader through the major issues of the c
Eugene J. FisherMarch 26, 2001
The coincidence of timing in the publication of these two books so different in tone content and style yet complementary in what they have to tell the reader is striking Yossi Beilin rsquo s book narrates the Middle East peace process from the secret meetings at Notre Dame in Jerusalem in Augus
Eugene J. FisherMarch 05, 2001
At this writing I have read five reviews of Carroll rsquo s book and participated in a daylong conference at Brandeis occasioned by its publication One review by Rabbi James Rudin for Religious News Service is generally laudatory another by Andrew Sullivan in The New York Times more cautiousl