Doug Demeo begins in July as pastoral associate at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church in Essex, Md., and a fellow at the GreenFaith coalition.

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Doug DemeoMay 18, 2018
Universal and comprehensive health care coverage provides a foundation for a well-functioning economy and society.
GOOD CONVERSATION. Two men take a smoke break in Old Chinatown in Manhattan.
Doug DemeoMarch 03, 2016
Exploring the concept of 'downward mobility.'
Doug DemeoApril 09, 2014
Catholic colleges and universities have a long and storied history of providing full scholarships and affordable higher education to low income, minority and immigrant students. In addition, they continue to fulfill their mission to develop the whole person (cura personalis) by linking liberal arts
Doug DemeoOctober 26, 2009
Can Catholic institutions do well while doing good?