Cynthia-Marie Marmo O’Brien is a writer and educator in New York.

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Cynthia-Marie Marmo O'BrienJanuary 01, 2020
In Solid Seasons, Jeffrey S. Cramer explores the deep friendship between the two literary titans.
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Cynthia-Marie Marmo O'BrienDecember 13, 2019
Andrew Krivak's new novel is an elegiac tale that resonates deeply with the creation spirituality that has been rising in our collective imagination.
Grace Paley sits beside a pile of books in her home in Thetford Hill, Vt., April 9, 2003 (AP Photo/Toby Talbot).
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Cynthia-Marie Marmo O'BrienAugust 16, 2017
Paley knew by instinct what science now confirms: the role reading plays in developing empathy for the other.
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Cynthia-Marie Marmo O'BrienFebruary 09, 2017
The challenge of invisibility is paramount in 'The Refugees.'
Cynthia-Marie Marmo O'BrienApril 21, 2016
'Thirteen Ways of Looking,' by Colum McCann
Cynthia-Marie Marmo O'BrienMarch 19, 2013
"God can handle honesty and prayer begins an honest conversation,” Anne Lamott asserts.